•ESTORESOTHYSSG & Sothys SG Pte Ltd do not accept cancellations after an order is placed on our website as the order is sent to our
Sothys Premium Salon for immediate processing.
•Should you change your mind about an order after placing it and payment made to our Sothys Premium Salon, buyer need to contact
the respective Sothys Premium Salon directly.


We sincerely apologise for any defects in the items sent. Here are the steps to follow should you receive a defect:

1.Notify the Sothys Premium Salon within 3 days of receipt either by calling the Premium We regret that we are not able to assist if defect is reported after 3 days. 2.Explain the nature of the defect and attach any product and packaging photos or videos that might help. (Tip: Attaching photos & videos will facilitate the process.) Our Sothys Premium Salon’s customer service may ask you some questions (or request for more photos/videos) to determine the defect. 3.Once the item is confirmed defective and irreparable, a replacement from Sothys Premium Salon will be sent to you, or the item supplier will contact you to arrange an exchange. (Your defective item may be collected back.)
4.In some cases, if the defect is complicated, photos and videos sent may be insufficient in demonstrating the defect. You may then
choose to send the item to us for evaluation. We will perform tests on the item and/or send it to the supplier to confirm the defect.
The replacement will be sent out to you only after the defect is confirmed. Please note that this process will take some time.


ESTORESOTHYSSG & Sothys SG Pte Ltd do not accept sold products to be return.
Sothys Premium Salon do not accept sold products to be return.


By default, all items sold at ESTORESOTHYSSG does not come with warranty unless otherwise stated on the product page itself.
For all defects covered under the warranty period, you will be directed to the respective Sothys Premium Salon in which you
purchased your order from.